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  • The Exporter - February 2017

    Date Added: 27th February 2017 from ExportNZ

    In this month's Trade Update, there is an update on TPP as the Government remains keen to keep it alive, plus a quick overview of the UK, EU, Sri Lanka, RCEPand the GCC.

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  • The Exporter - January 2017

    Date Added: 25th January 2017 from ExportNZ

    Exporters are hugely grateful to John Key for the hard work he has done on their behalf all over the world. We move forward with a new Prime Minister into interesting times indeed - as outlined in my Trade Update below.

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  • The Exporter - November 2016

    Date Added: 27th November 2016 from ExportNZ

    What a month it's been! We're just getting over the shock US election result and figuring out what this means for New Zealand exporters as Trump selects him team and makes announcements about his campaign promises.

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  • The Exporter - October 2016

    Date Added: 27th October 2016 from ExportNZ

    The big news this month is a major shift happening in the make up of NZ's exports with game-changing growth in New Zealand’s technology export sector, as it breaks through the $1 billion growth mark for the first time.

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  • The Exporter - September 2016

    Date Added: 29th September 2016 from ExportNZ

    As we enter into Spring, exporters have good reason to be in a buoyant mood.

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  • The Exporter - August 2016

    Date Added: 28th August 2016 from ExportNZ

    One of the hot topics of late is of course the UK voting to leave the EU - and what will this mean for Kiwi exporters?!

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